Greece recorded five instances of the recently identified subvariant BA.2.86, commonly referred to as Pirola, on both September 5 and 7. This subvariant is currently being closely monitored and has been detected in 20 countries, as reported in the most recent epidemiological bulletin issued by the Greek EODI service.
According to data from EODI (the Greek Epidemiology and Public Health Organization), during the week spanning from September 11 to 17, there were an additional 39 Covid-related fatalities, 733 new admissions of patients, and 25 individuals were hospitalized and required intubation.
The total number of deaths in Greece now stands at 37.521.

“Indeed, the cases of Covid have increased, and there are also hospital admissions. Although we expected them at the end of October, they started much earlier. People should start paying attention because transmission is much easier. The Germans started a new vaccination like the USA. “We are still far behind, we also have different weather conditions with these countries, we still have time to act,” he initially said.

“Vaccination has started, it has progressed, the phases have ended, 2 companies have been hired and instructions will be given to the vaccination committees as per WHO recommendations and we will all be informed. We started with the Pirola strain, which has over 30 mutations, this scares and worries us. “Coronavirus is known in the medical world and now we can deal with it compared to the situation 2 years ago,” stressed Matina Pagoni.