Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party may leave the European Union’s umbrella centre-right bloc after receiving mixed signals about its intentions following Fidesz’s suspension from the group, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

We keep our membership suspended. We are waiting for the EPP to come clean about its views and plans, and then we will make up our minds, Orban said.

The European People’s Party suspended Fidesz’s membership in March. Fidesz was not invited to a two-day EPP gathering in Croatia this week.

The question is whether the (EPP’s) new chairman can stop its drift to the left. If he can, we have a common future. If not, we will have to build another political community, Orban said.

The EPP has said it will send a group of “wise men” to investigate conditions in Hungary and decide whether to keep Fidesz among its ranks, a process that new EPP Chairman Donald Tusk expects to close by the end of January.