The government held a meeting today as well, we reviewed the economic situation of the country, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote on Facebook.

The war is prolonged, the sanctions policy in Brussels is not improving, and together this leads to drastic increases in prices. Today, cutting electricity in Hungary protects families, but the price of energy continues to rise and therefore it is increasingly difficult and expensive to protect families. In addition, we must strengthen our defense immediately. Meanwhile, banks and large multinational companies gain more profits and extra profits thanks to rising interest rates.

The government therefore decided to set up a Resistance Fund and a Defense Fund. This is where we will pay the cost of reducing overhead and strengthening the national defense. We require banks, insurers, major trade chains, energy and retail companies, telecommunications companies and airlines to deposit a large portion of their extra profits into these two funds. These measures are time-limited: they cover two years, 2022 and 2023.

Those who gain extra profit in this war situation are expected to help the people and contribute to the country’s defense costs.

As we promised, we will protect families, pensioners, jobs and the reduction of overpriced war. Details and numbers will follow on the government info tomorrow.