Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban set out to build a new alliance of right-wing European parties after he pulled Fidesz from the European People’s Party (EPP), the center-right group in the bloc’s parliament.

Our task is clear. Now without the EPP we must build a European democratic right, wrote Orban on Facebook, adding that the “EPP has finally become an appendage to the European left”.

The dispute between the EPP leadership and Fidesz has been going on for years due to disagreements over a number of issues.

Orban’s policies, including measures against asylum seekers and laws against NGOs, have been challenged by his EPP counterparts as well as by the European Commission in Brussels.

Orban, on the other hand, accused them of straying too far from their conservative values.

Fidesz’s membership in Europe’s largest political group was suspended in 2019, and 12 members of that party left the largest parliamentary group in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

According to Orban, the new wing of European democratic right will offer a home to European citizens who do not want migrants, who do not want multiculturalism, who have not descended into LGBTQ lunacy, who defend Europe’s Christian traditions, who respect the sovereignty of nations.