There is a war on the borders of Hungary and Europe. As a result of the war, war inflation reappeared after the Second World War. Energy prices are rising drastically and this is weakening Europe. The war and sanctions together led to the fact that the most expensive thing in the whole world for Europe today is energy. This is why euro has been weakening compared to dollar for days, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote on Facebook.

The economies of Central Europe are the growth engines of the European Union. A growing economy, a growing production requires energy, so the rising energy prices and the war inflation will also destroy the economies of Central Europe. In war, the question is not the price of energy, but whether there will be gas, oil or energy.

Hungary’s energy supply is secured. We have and will have gas, petroleum supply is secured. Our economic growth is stable. The volume of Hungarian industrial production in May exceeded the one year earlier by 9.4% Hungary’s economy will grow throughout the year in 2022, the country has practically full employment. The extra profits of banks and companies which earned the most from war inflation have been withdrawn, and the National Defense Fund has been set up. We will keep the budget, we will protect families by all means.

There is only one solution to war inflation, peace. We need an immediate ceasefire and negotiations. Hungary’s position is clear from the beginning: we want peace. We also represent this on European forums. Today everyone can see that the war damages Europe the most. America is not weakening, China is getting stronger and Europe is suffering. Europe needs peace, not war!