“This year, as was the case last year, we celebrate Easter differently and not in the intimacy of family,” Hungary’s prime minister wrote on social media. In his Easter Monday greeting, Viktor Orban reminisced about the Easter of two years ago, adding that now is the time for work. “We are working to defeat the virus as quickly as possible,” he wrote.

Two years ago, we celebrated Easter in the usual manner, in the intimacy of family. The ham was being sliced while the grandchildren were playing in the yard. We were looking forward to summer, and the country was abuzz with optimism and spring life, the Hungarian prime minister wrote in his Easter greeting, reflecting on the Easter holiday of 2019. “This year, as was the case last year, Easter is different. There are no hugs, no “sprinkling rhymes” followed by perfume [a reference to a Hungarian Easter Monday tradition], and no long conversations. Instead, there is work,” said Orban.

The Prime Minister, who has been aiming to have over 2.5 million Hungarians vaccinated in the coming days, said that he hopes the virus will be put under control during the summer.

“We are working to defeat the virus as soon as possible. Doctors, nurses and parents are fighting. We are in combat and thanks to the vaccines, we are getting closer to victory with each and every jab,” he explained. “We are looking forward to summer and hope that we will win the battle together!” – the prime minister ended his post.