This is the 66th day since the announcement of the coronavirus epidemic threat. I can give you the good news that we have won the first battle, the battle to curb the epidemic, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says in a video message.

He says it was a huge win and this is now not only hope or a wish or self-encouragement but a fact.

The number of people who have been infected is low and the number of new infections is also favorably low. This is possible because we made every necessary decision on time, because we all behaved responsibly, people in the countryside, the people of Budapest, single people, families, the elderly and the young. Thank you for that! During today’s professional meetings, it became clear that we have drained the strength of the epidemic in Budapest as well. Thus we can move on in Budapest, albeit carefully and cautiously, we can move on to the second stage of defense. Curfew restrictions will therefore be lifted and the capital will always follow the countryside with a two-week delay. Responsible behavior and social distancing are especially important in Budapest. I urge the mayors to take risks seriously, and pay special attention to the safety of nursing homes. Come on Budapest!, Orban said.