In response to the “alarming” situation in the neighbouring country, Hungarian hospitals near the border have admitted fifty patients from Romania for treatment, the Hungarian prime minister said and pointed out that the difference in the severity of the epidemic situation in the two countries stems from differing vaccination rates; Hungary’s is twice that of Romania’s.

The Delta variant of the virus is unstoppable, PM Orban noted, stressing that transmission rates of this variant are far more aggressive than the previous ones, posing a much higher risk, the V4 news agency reported.

I am telling everyone, a third jab is tantamount to life insurance, he said.

Mask-wearing in crowded places should be considered, he said, warning, however, that it is not the mask, but the vaccine that ensures protection against the disease. The country is prepared with plenty of vaccines, hospital beds, doctors, nurses, medicines and ventilators at the ready, he added.

Hungary has high hopes of finishing development of its own vaccine against the coronavirus, Orban highlighted. The Hungarian premier will be receiving the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine this weekend.