US special prosecutor Robert Mueller completed his two-year long investigation of President Donald Trump and submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr who will determine how much of the report will be made public.

It’s the crucial step in the lengthy investigation which has hobbled Trump’s presidency. He was accused by US intelligence and security services of ties to Russia, which allegedly helped him win the 2016 elections. Trump, in turn, accused FBI agents and CIA officials of using the Russian allegations to wiretap his campaign and to indict some of his closest election advisers. Over 30 people were indicted by Mueller so far on various crimes, often process crimes caused by his interrogations, and with weak to non-existent ties to Russia.

Trump’s outside lawyers, Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow issued a statement saying, “We’re pleased that the Office of Special Counsel has delivered its report to the Attorney General pursuant to the regulations. Attorney General Barr will determine the appropriate next steps.”

The President was deprived of his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, long time lawyer and confidant Michael Cohen, campaign chairman Paul Manafort and political adviser Roger Stone, among the most important members of his team who were charged by Mueller.