Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto gave an impassioned response to journalists pushing him on the recently adopted law that guarantees the right of parents to decide what type of material their children will be exposed to in school. The law was declares as anti-LGBT by left wing and liberal politicians in Europe, who want Hungary to adopt Western style sexual education curriculums.

This law is not against any community in Hungary. This law is only against the pedophiles. This law makes it very clear that the children must be protected. That’s why this law makes it very clear that the pedophilia crimes must be punished in a very very serious way. On the other hand, the law protects the children in a way that it makes as an exclusive right of the parents to educate their kids on the area of sexual education until the age of 18. The law doesn’t say anything on the sexual orientation of adults. It only says that as long as the kids are under the age of 18, the education of theirs regarding sexual education is the exclusive right of the parents. I really wonder whether those who criticize the law, whether they are politicians or your colleague journalists, whether any of those have read the text of the law… It can not happen that once my son comes back to school, he has been oriented by a propaganda in a way which I don’t want him to be faced with until the age of 18. It has been voted by almost 199 percent of the Hungarian Parliament, one must respect that, this is a national competence and must not be challenged. Read the law, do not circulate fake news, Szijjarto told the press.

Hungary faced criticism from the usual left wing activists in the EU, but also from Commission President Ursula von der Leyen over the law. Prime Minister Viktor Orban held firm, insisting that determining the type of sexual education is the right of the parents alone.