Independent UN human rights experts have issued a warning to companies supplying weapons and ammunition to Israel, cautioning that they may be complicit in human rights violations, including potential crimes against humanity.

The experts identified over 30 companies and investors, notably including the German firms Rheinmetall and ThyssenKrupp.

“By providing weapons, parts, components, and ammunition to Israeli forces, these companies risk involvement in severe breaches of international human rights and humanitarian laws,” the experts stated.

They referenced the International Court of Justice’s directive for Israel to cease its military actions in Rafah and the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s call for arrest warrants for members of the Israeli government.

The experts cautioned that further arms supplies to Israel could be interpreted as knowingly supporting operations that contravene international human rights and humanitarian law.

These more than 30 experts, appointed by the UN Human Rights Council, advise on issues such as discrimination against women and girls, the rights of displaced persons, and the right to health. They operate independently of the United Nations and do not receive payment for their work.