Hungary’s interest is for Turkey to let migrants go to Syria and not Europe, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday. Regarding Brexit, Orban emphasized that the primary concern for Hungary’s government is to ensure that the interests of Hungarian employees are not harmed, the V4 news agency reported.

Orban said that there are more than 3 million migrants in Turkey, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier stated that if the countries of the world do not share in the burden and if the EU does not provide sufficient resources to Turkey, then he is ready to allow those people to set off towards Europe.

The migrants can go towards either Syria or Europe. In order to ensure that they go to Syria, that is, home, the country must be stabilized. “If I understand correctly, this is what has happened and Turkey established a secure zone”, Orban said.  Hungary’s PM emphasized that if Turkey opens the gates towards Europe, then hundreds of thousands of migrants will flow into Greece and the Balkans, and from there to the Hungarian or the Croatian border. “It is in our elementary Hungarian interest that this does not happen, one incident at the southern border was more than enough,” Orban added.

He mentioned that he suggested to EU leaders that they should give Turkey funds to build new cities, hospitals, schools, and residential buildings in the stabilized areas of Syria, so that Syrians could move back there. He believes that it is a Hungarian interest, so the Hungarian government should represent it.

Regarding Brexit, Hungary’s PM said it is a sore point in European politics and a huge failure of the former EU leadership. “This is the product of the Juncker era, which had two major failures: they could not keep the British in, but they let the migrants in. The people of the UK have made the decision, and this must be respected. There is an agreement between the British government and the EU, which protects the interests of Hungarians. I will always stand up for those interests”, Orban said.