At the European Parliament elections on Sunday, Hungarians made it clear that they want change in Brussels, Hungary’s Prime Minister told Parliament on Monday.

“Hungarians want to see European leaders who wish to stop, rather than manage immigration. They want European institute leaders who respect European nations and strive to protect Christian culture. Hungarians want leaders who always prioritise the interests of European people,” Viktor Orban told the Hungarian Parliament on Monday. He added that he would only support such leaders on behalf of Hungary.

Hungarians have repeatedly placed their trust in the governing parties and the government, and “we have received more support than we did a year ago,” so the Hungarian government has a strong mandate again, the premier emphasized. He said this was also an authorisation, because people have entrusted us to “represent change in Brussels.” We have “received a job and a task,” and we will do our best to effectively represent the will of Hungarian voters in European politics, the head of government declared.

Viktor Orban thanked voters who participated in the European Parliament elections. He recalled that Hungary has not seen a higher turnout during any EP-elections since it joined the EU in 2004. He mentioned that Hungarian people proved that Hungary is a European nation and a European country, and that “Europe is our country as well.”

Viktor Orban underlined that the results of the Hungarian economy must be protected and that its performance must exceed the European growth rate. He thought achieving a growth rate 2 percentage points above the EU average is a realistic goal.

He recalled that in the 12 months since last year’s parliamentary elections, the results of the Hungarian economy have improved further, and the country’s economy is performing better and better. The EU’s performance on the other hand is “not that great,” as growth in the older member states seems to be slowing down. To secure Hungary’s economic results, he is to present an action plan on the protection of the economy to the House, he said.

Source: V4 Agency