Vardar managed to hold Hungarian Pick Szeged to a four goal difference and advances into the final four round of the European Handball Champions League.

Macedonia’s best team had a solid, eight goal lead travelling to Szeged, but slipped quickly in the first half, and allowed the hosts to nullify the difference. Szeged went to the half-time with 17 goals to Vardar’s nine and a major upset was in the offing.

But, the Macedonian team which is facing numerous problems as its main sponsor is being pushed out of the country, was able to close ranks in the second round. Goals from Igor Karacic and Kristopans helped reduce the lead and once goalkeeper Milosavlev found his rhythm, the Hungarians’ lead was reduced to just three goals. Tensions flared in the final minutes as the home team realized the game is slipping from their grasp, but they were unable to push through Vardar’s defense, and the final, four goal win was not enough for them to advance ahead.