Mirlind Daku, the Albanian football player who lead the fans in Euro 2024 in Germany in chants against Macedonia and a host of other countries, now faces being punished by his team – the Russian Rubin Kazan.

The Albanian team will face penalties at the championship after Daku shouted “f… Macedonia”, among other insults following Albania’s unexpected draw with Croatia. He will likely not be allowed to play Albania’s next match at the Euro 2024.

He issued a weak apology to anyone who may have been offended by him, saying he was carried by emotions. The apology includes a reference to rooting for the national team without borders, that can be seen as further fanning the Albanian nationalism that was on display.

Daku is an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo, the town of Gnjilane.  He played in Croatia before moving to Russia, and has also played for the Kosovo national team before switching to Albania.