Samoil Simev and Mirko Spasevski announced they are resigning from the Vardar football club, where they spent years in leading management roles. Simev and Spasevski practically led the club after it was taken over by Russian businessman Sergey Samsonneko.

In June we said that we will remain in Vardar, trying to stave off the worst, but we can’t keep doing it. We don’t have the strength or the finances. We were promised aid in July, we endured through the year, but we didn’t receive anything, the two managers said in a statement.

Samsonenko, who also led the Vardar handball team to two European Champions League titles, was pushed out of Macedonia by the Zaev regime, his businesses pressured and political threats aimed at him by Zaev and media outlets close to him. The football club is now being placed under management of the city of Skopje.