Kiel trounced Vardar in the EHF Champions League match today in Skopje. Despite being cheered on by the home fans, Vardar had an abysmal first half, losing 4-16 at the halftime whistle. Vardar’s players missed penalties and many clear chances to score goal, and nothing seemed to work in the first half hour.

The match was over, but still, in the second half, the European champion tried to show it deserves its two titles and at one point even managed to reduce the German team’s lead to five goals.
Kiel was to experienced a team to give up such a first half lead, and were able to fight back enough to maintain a solid lead until the final 20-31.

At the end of the game, the Vardar players got on their knees before the Komiti fans to beg for forgiveness for the horrible match they gave. The fans responded by singing “even when you lose, we are not abandoning you”.