In Skopje, the biggest handball match was played, not only in Macedonia but also beyond. There is rarely such an atmosphere and charge as when Vardar and Pelister play. What should have been fun turned into chaos, and the only culprit is Oliver Spasovski’s police.

Although a few days before the match the fans from Bitola announced their arrival in Skopje with several buses, the police acted as if they were coming to some kind of children’s choir or a group of pensioners who came for a tourist walk in the capital.

How the riots started

The hall was quiet for 12 minutes when the guests from Bitola announced their arrival with firecrackers. First question, were the Ckembari fan group also checked at the entrance like the rest of the spectators?

Second question: How did the Intervention Police allow the fans from Bitola to sit (stand) just a few meters next to the “ordinary” fans? There was only a cordon of several policemen among them, so they could, in the vernacular, spit at each other. Let’s not talk about lighters and bottles, they were flying from both sides all the time.

Third question: After the incident occurred and people started to go out, the police did not control who returned to the hall again. Who guarantees that some of the fans will not take stones and bottles from the park opposite and start throwing them at the guests from Bitola. Then we would witness bleeding heads. And who would be to blame?

The incident after the end of the match, when the hall was empty, also speaks of the incompetence of the police, but even then “Chkembari got into a fight with “Intervention”.

We can only imagine what happened when they were “loaded” into the buses on the way home and what the road to Bitola looked like.