Macedonian football players loudly celebrated their historic win at the World Cup qualifier against Germany in Duisburg. Macedonia beat all expectations to defeat Germany 2:1, even after having a clear penalty not awarded.

Obligatory, the team sang the “Izlezi momce” chant song, as fans back in Macedonia celebrated in their homes – locked in under a coronavirus evening curfew.

Congratulations poured in from international media outlets and football starts. Sebastian Schweinsteiger sent out his respect to Macedonia, after an “unlucky penalty against them, a clear penalty not given and these guys win their away game against a 4 time world champion. Chapeau”.

Good heavens, Germany lost to (North) Macedonia, tweeted Gary Lineker.

Macedonian politicians also sent their congratulations to the team. VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristiajn Micokski said that “you showed that Macedonia is loved with work, with grit, defiance and trust”. Former VMRO leader Nikola Gruevski congratulated the players and all citizens of Macedonia and its diaspora, as well as to all who worked to build up this generation of players which is proving to be Macedonia’s best.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev allowed himself a rare use of the word “Macedonian” when he wrote that “Europe saw how the Macedonian football is of European and world quality”. And his Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov all but apologized to his German counterpart Michael Roth, hoping this won’t affect German support for Macedonia opening EU accession talks.