Vardar owner Sergey Samsonenko told the handball and football players that they are free to look for other clubs, as his stay in Macedonia is being made impossible. The Russian businessman has constantly been pressured by the Zaev regime, and this is the third time he is declaring his intent to leave the country he gave two European handball trophies to.

You are free to look for other clubs, while there is still time, Samsonenko reportedly told the players yesterday.

Zaev considered Samsonenko a political opponent ever since he grabbed power, and publicly blamed the Vardar fan clubs for being paid by Russians to protest against him. Media outlets that follow Zaev’s lead would declare Samsonenko as the extension of Russian influence in Macedonia. Meanwhile, probably more realistically, the sensational European success by HC Vardar led to massive celebratory rallies, and during the latter, the name “North Macedonia” which Zaev imposed on Macedonia was loudly denounced. Vardar star Stojance Stoilov defiantly refused to accept the name, and the promotion of national pride that comes with finally having a top league sports club has been a constant thorn in Zaev’s side.

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Gepostet von Republika Nedelnik am Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2020