Macedonian football team coach Igor Angelovski dedicated the spectacular win against Germany to his wife Tanja, who had a difficult fight with Covid-19, and to their three children.

I want to dedicate the win to my wife. Until recently she fought hard against Covid-19 with serious symptoms. She only returned home two days ago. This result is dedicated to her and to our children, Angelovski said.

The coach, best known as Mrme, already took Macedonia to historic heights when the team qualified for the European Championship. Mrme and his players only added to their glory today with the 2:1 win against Germany, which is easily the greatest win of the team against a European powerhouse.

Despite his historic success, Angelovski was under threat of being fired by the head of the Macedonian Football Federation Muamed Sejdini. Captain Goran Pandev had to publicly intervene in the matter and Angelovski only got a six months extentions on his contract.

After the win he also sent out a “greeting” to all who undermined him. “I accept criticism, as I hold a public position, but I will not accept being denigrated and especially – obstructed. I hope that now they will wise up and see what we have achieved. This win is for entire people of Macedonia”, Angelovski added.