Gol.mk reports that Russian businessman Sergey Samsonenko will continue to support Macedonia’s top handball club Vardar, even after his announcement that he is pulling back due to the high costs and lack of support from other sources.

Businessman and former head of the Macedonian Handball Federation Mihajlo Mihajlovski will be the club director, but Samsonenko will continue to help the club. According to the news site, Samsonenko was assured that a number of Macedonian companies will join forces and help maintain the club which won the 2017 Champions League. One company has pledged a million EUR for the club, Gol.mk reports.

Vardar management is racing to announce the financial backing which they have provided before some of the leading stars they have on board start looking for other options. Samsonenko faced political pressure, given his nationality, and his other businesses in Macedonia have suffered after the Zaev regime took over the reins of the Government.