Top judicial officials who were filmed attending the Macedonia – Italy game in Palermo paid only for their hotel rooms, while the flight and the stadium tickets were provided by the Football Federation, reports.

The sight of controversial and politically linked prosecutor Fatime Fetai in the company of Justice Minister Nikola Tupancevski and the President of the Kavadarci court Lazar Nanev in Palermo raised loud protests from citizens who suspected that they were given free ride and tickets.

Fetai said that she paid for the hotel in Palermo, while the ticket and the flight were provided by the Federation – she insisted that it’s part of the package she paid for. Tupancevski insists that he paid for all of his expenses, but MKD reports otherwise. Tupancevski will not travel to the crucial match against Portugal in Porto, but Fetai said that she is going.

The news site adds that other Government officials and cronies were also given free plane and stadium tickets – the Mayor of Struga Ramiz Merko, former Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski, former Mayor of Ohrid Nikola Bakracevski among them.