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Macedonia 21.05.20 | 17:37

Marriages up by 2,4 percent and divorces – by 22,8 percent in 2019

Statistics show that the number of new marriages has grown over the past year by 2,4 percent, while the number of divorces rose by 22,8 percent. There were a total of 13.814 marriages concluded in 2019. It was the first marriage for 93,3 percent of the women and 92,1 percent of the men. The average age...

Macedonia 30.12.19 | 22:17

Igor Durlovski on 2019: I defeated the system when it was most poweful

Political dissident Igor Durlovski, who was charged with “terrorism” by the Zaev regime, made his recollection of 2019. I defeated the “system” when it seemed to be at its most powerful. May the New Year be better for all of us, the opera singer said. Моја ретроспектива...

Life 01.01.19 | 18:26

Skopje City presents gifts to first baby of 2019

Ministers of Health, Labor and Social Policy, Venko Filipce and Mila Carovska respectively, and Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov, visited and presented gifts Tuesday  to the first baby born in 2019. Vedran is the first baby born in 2019, just one minute after midnight. I hope that his name will symbolize...

Life 31.12.18 | 11:42

New Year’s Eve: Samoa and Kiribati first countries to celebrate 2019

Samoa has become the first country to ring in 2019 with a traditional South Pacific knees-up. The island nation is in the midst of a huge bash with traditional dancers and jugglers throwing flames high into the air. Thanks to Samoa and Kiribati’s positions – just to the west of an irregularly...

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