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Macedonia 31.12.20 | 13:17

The heroes of 2020

2020 was annus horribilis by any objective account, and that makes it even more important to remember its heroes and the people who brought some light and joy in it. Top of the line are obviously the doctors, nurses and all first responders, who were pressed to the limit during the year. Over 20 of them...

Macedonia Economy 09.12.20 | 17:10

The economic blow of 2020 now rivals that of the war-torn 2001

In economic terms, 2020 is beginning to rival 2001 in terms of being a disaster for Macedonia, said opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski. While Macedonia suffered a civil war in the first half of 2001, 2020 is delivering a toll on the economy. Under this Government we are having an economic drop of 6...

Macedonia Economy 04.11.20 | 09:18

Parliament adopts amendments to 2020 budget set to explode the deficit

The Macedonian Parliament adopted the amendments to the 2020 budget that will blow the deficit to nearly a billion EUR and push the debt to nearly 60 percent of GDP. The amendments provide 65 million EUR to boost salaries of employees in companies that are struggling with the coronavirus crisis, and...

Macedonia 31.12.19 | 10:59

Pendarovski: Rule of law, NATO, EU talks and clean air for all citizens in New Year 2020

President Stevo Pendarovski congratulated the citizens on the New Year. He said that we were all one big family and wished peace and prosperity, health, happiness and respect in, as he said, our common home – our common state. Civic reconciliation, he said, can only be achieved on the basis of...

Macedonia 29.05.19 | 14:11

2020 census will count emigrants

The Statistics Bureau head Apostol Simovski said that long delayed census will be held in April 2020 and, as announced, Macedonian citizens living abroad will be counted toward the census. This is a major requirement of the ethnic Albanian parties, who insist that the percentage of Albanians in the Macedonian...

Macedonia 11.02.19 | 14:10

Parliament will choose 2020 Census questions

Parliament will have the final say in the matter when it passes the 2020 Census Law, the State Statistical Office said in a press release dismissing speculation that no ethnicity questions will be asked in the next census. As preparations for the 2020 Census are underway, the Office has prompted a public...

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