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Macedonia 11.07.20 | 09:16

Patient with rare brain inflammation tied to COVID-19 recovers at “8 September” hospital

A 20-year-old patient with a rare brain inflammation linked to COVID-19 has recovered at the Skopje-based “8 September” hospital. According to the doctors who saved the young man’s life, this is the sixth recorded case in the world where COVID-19 has caused such condition. This is rare in the world....

Macedonia 25.06.20 | 11:25

Critical at Skopje’s “8 September” hospital: Over 100 patients need oxygen support

More than 100 patients infected with COVID -19 hospitalized at the “8 September” city hospital need oxygen support, hospital director doctor Dr. Kristijan Kostov told “Fokus”. The most critical patients are brought here at the last minute. We have 140 patients for the first time...

Macedonia 08.06.20 | 15:48

Three of 15 infected healthcare workers from “8 September” hospital have been hospitalized

Three of the 15 healthcare workers at the “8 September” hospital who are infected with Covid-19 have been hospitalized, the director of the hospital prof. Dr. Hristijan Kostov told “Republika”. The Ministry of Health informed Monday that three patients have passed and 127 new...

Macedonia 16.05.20 | 16:20

Filipce: “8 September” hospital outpatient departments to open in a week

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Health Minister Venko Filipce announced that outpatient departments will open in a week in the “8 September” hospital in Skopje. They will start operating normally and all patients, not only COVID-19 patients will receive treatment. Section of Skopje City General Hospital...

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