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Macedonia 06.01.22 | 17:25

Skopje: Two locals robbed four Afghan migrants

Two young men from the eastern suburbs of Skopje attacked four Afghan migrants yesterday morning. The migrants, likely illegals, were waiting near the Ilinden railway station. The local attackers took cash and a mobile phone from the Afghans, who were also young men, including a minor. The attackers...

Macedonia 21.10.21 | 14:21

Greece admits 35 Afghan refugees from Macedonia

Thirty five Afghan refugees left Macedonia for Greece today. This brings the number of refugees temporarily housed in Macedonia to 407, down from a high of about 500. All of the remaining refugees have pending applications in other countries, and are awaiting to have them processed in Macedonia.

Macedonia 19.10.21 | 14:05

Group of 27 Afghan refugees left Macedonia for Ireland

Another group of 27 Afghan refugees left Macedonia today, with Ireland as their destination. Macedonia housed under 500 Afghans after the defeat of the NATO backed Government, until their applications for asylum elsewhere are processed. One smaller group already left for France.  

Macedonia 08.10.21 | 13:36

Skopje boulevard closed by the police to escort Afghan shoppers into the City Mall

A busy street in Skopje was closed today by the police to provide escort for a group of Afghan refugees who are housed in Macedonai who were on their way to the City Mall. The group was allowed into the mall through a side entrance, apparently without conducting Covid vaccination checks that are mandatory...

Macedonia 15.09.21 | 19:53

New group of 44 Afghan refugees arrives in Macedonia

A new group of refugees from Afghanistan – 44 in total – arrived in Macedonia today. They are reportedly activists and family members from a British led cultural and humanitarian organization who would be in danger if they remain in the Taliban ran Afghanistan. Macedonia already admitted...

Balkans 27.08.21 | 12:07

First group of 121 Afghan refugees arrives in Albania

The first group 121 Afghan evacuees, including 11 babies, arrived to Albania yesterday. They were welcomed at the Tirana airport by the Albanian Foreign Minister Olta Xhacka and US Ambassador Yuri Kim. Albania agreed to take thousands of Afghans on a temporary basis. The initial group is made of Afghan...

Macedonia 26.08.21 | 16:42

Osmani: For now, we will shelter 750 Afghans, but that number fluctuates

So far the number of sheltering Afghan civilians is 750, that number fluctuates but it is always within the possibilities that the government estimates that we can temporarily take care of those people until their documents for their final destination are processed, Bujar Osmani said on Thursday. The...

Macedonia 25.08.21 | 15:50

Zaev now offers to take 780 Afghans

Zaev’s spokesman Dusko Arsovski informed the public that the Government now offers to take up a total of 780 Afghan citizens who are fleeing after the fall of that country to the Taliban. Zaev said that he is prepared to take up to 1,800, and already had agreed to take specific groups comprising...

Macedonia 18.08.21 | 22:15

“The Government can’t care for its own citizens, let alone for those of other countries”

I’m astonished with the ease with which the Government proposes to accept such numbers of refugees, if we consider that the number received by, say, the Scandinavian countries, is in the single digits, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski. The Zaev Government plans to accept 450 Afghans...

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