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Macedonia 01.01.21 | 14:45

Ten people sought treatment after having too much to drink on New Year Eve

Ten people were treated at the Toxicology Clinic in Skopje after the New Year’s Eve.  The number is relatively low compared to previous years, testament to the crackdown on parties that was put in place because of the epidemic. Most of the patients were aged up to 22.  

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 11:46

After having too much alcohol, 29 people welcomed the New Year in the Skopje Clinic

Twenty-nine people, including a 14 year old boy, were treated after drinking too much alcohol in the Skopje Clinic on New Year’s Eve. No drug over-doses were reported and most of the alcohol cases were with light symptoms. The oldest patient who couldn’t hold his liquor was 63 years old.

Economy 30.12.19 | 17:50

Anti-moonshine regulation: Rakia makers will have to register with the state

Starting with 2020, people who produce over 200 liters of rakia will have to register with the Food and Veterinary Agency, which will be tasked to conduct inspections. These small scale producers of the traditional stiff drink made of grapes or plums often sell their rakia in the farmers’ markets,...

Health 02.01.19 | 14:16

The benefits of giving up alcohol for a month

If you’re giving up alcohol for a month and are wondering what the benefits will be, Priory has outlined the positive changes you can expect to see over the weeks. Week One Better sleep After one week away from alcohol, you may notice that you are sleeping better. When you drink, you typically...

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