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Macedonia 18.03.22 | 11:54

Jovanovski: Zaev, Kiracovski and Bogoev knew about the 350,000 euros that Amzoski gave me

If God gives me health, I want to build that retirenment home because it is missing in Bitola – the words of Siljan Micevski were quoted by the defendant Bojan Jovanovski in today’s closing arguments in the “International Association” case. According to him, such projects were...

Macedonia 13.05.20 | 23:14

Kiracovski employed all his mistresses from the villages, fired our friend, accuses Nikolova Buxhaku

We had a friend who worked 24 hours a day for the party, he was fired by Aleksandar Kiracovski, because we accused him of bringing all his mistresses and employing them from the villages of Prilep and Bitola, SDSM activist and former loud participant in the Colored Revolution, Meri Nikolova Buxhaku said...

Macedonia 13.02.20 | 18:22

Xhaferi on Kiracovski’s call for session for Mizrahi’s dismissal: “Ha ha ha, I don’t have Facebook”

Ha ha ha, I don’t have Facebook. This is the comment of the Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi on the call of SDSM MP Aleksandar Kiracovski to the parliament speaker to immediately schedule parliament session for the dismissal of Labor Minister Rasela Mizrahi. Xhaferi, however, has not yet specified...

Macedonia 13.01.20 | 17:40

Kiracovski: DUI also doesn’t want annulment of lustration

Political System Committee Chairman Aleksandar Kiracovski said the DUI and the Democratic Party of Turks joined the VMRO-DPMNE in what he described as obstruction of lustration annulment. He said that ways would still be sought to abolish lustration, as it had done injustice. The Political System Committee...

Macedonia 05.09.19 | 14:12

Boki 13 insisted on taking a photo with me, because I’m a politician, a famous person

Neither he has 3,456 photos with Bojan Jovanovski, nor they were close nor he has anything to do with International Association, much less was part of the racket carried out by Boki 13, Aleksandar Kiracovski said shortly after he was questioned at the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and...

Macedonia 05.09.19 | 13:34

Kiracovski: I’m not Kiki, Geroski fumbled the ball in my case

SDSM MP Aleksandar Kiracovski gave a statement to the media following his interrogation at the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption, in which he said, among other things, that he did not see himself in the character of Kiki that journalist Branko Geroski wrote about in his stories. He...

Macedonia 05.09.19 | 10:24

Kiracovski testifies on “Racket” case before Vilma

MP Aleksandar Kiracovski will give a statement on the “Racket” case at the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption this morning. He said these days that the prosecution should summon for questioning all politicians who contacted Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 to put...

Macedonia 16.07.19 | 10:31

Dusko Mlekarot: Kiki and Friki in the racketeering Bermuda Triangle

Dusko Mlekarot, a member of SDSM from Bitola, says on Facebook that in the racketeering Bermuda Triangle that began to collapse today, two more members are missing – Friki and Kiki.

Macedonia 21.04.19 | 20:06

Kiracovski: We had Scandinavian elections

Aleksandar Kiracovski, head of SDSM Election Headquarters at a press conference after the polling stations closed, said that the Republic of Macedonia today had Scandinavian elections that the voting took place in an exceptionally peaceful atmosphere. Kiracovski thanked the citizens and congratulated...

Macedonia 01.03.19 | 12:05

Kiracovski: Whoever is SDSM presidential candidate will win

Out of Shekerinska, Spasovski, Dimitrov and Pendarovski, DUI accepts only some of the presidential candidates, SDSM General Secretary Aleksandar Kiracovski said. Whoever is chosen, the SDSM-led coalition will win the presidential election, he said, writes “Factor.mk”.