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Economy 09.11.21 | 17:25

Government plans to hike the electricity price by 9 percent

Alsat-M TV reports that the Government is preparing to push for a new energy price hike after New Year, of nine percent. If confirmed, this will hit households right in the middle of the heating season. The TV station cites sources within the Government, informing that the costly purchases of electricity...

Macedonia 15.10.21 | 18:04

We will not allow to be hostages to suspicious characters, Mickoski promises

The policies of this criminal Government brought us to the point that, the more you are seen with people with a suspicious past, the greater your chances at victory are, said VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski during his Alsat TV interview yesterday. Me and my team won’t work in that way. We will not...

Macedonia Economy 25.03.21 | 10:50

Finance Ministry denies mistaken media report that it plans to hike taxes

The Finance Ministry and Alsat-M TV moved to deny a mistaken report that they are planning an increase in both the VAT value added tax and the income tax. The report came out of the interview Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi had with Alsat, where he announced an increase in the share the municipalities...

Macedonia 16.12.20 | 08:32

“Who gave Zaev the right to negotiate about private businesses with Bulgaria?”

The two main mistakes Zoran Zaev made in his policy toward Bulgaria was that he agreed to the joint committee of historians to rewrite our history, and that he included business deals in the mix, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said during his Alsat-M TV interview. The first mistake was signing...

Macedonia 23.09.20 | 14:54

Politically linked mafia fixer Zoki Kiceec ordered to report to prison in mid October

Mafia fixer Zoran Milevski – Zoki Kiceec will begin serving his three years prison sentence in mid October. Alsat-M TV reports that one of the “stars” of the Racket scandal has received the order to begin serving out his sentence. Kiceec was famously arrested in 2019 along with showman...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 14:49

Telma and Alsat-M TV violated the election silence

The AVMU media regulator found that two TV stations – Telma and Alsat-M – violated the election silence rules. Both aired programs featuring prominent participants in the election campaign. AVMU publicly called out these two channels, and other media outlets, to observe the ban, which is...

Macedonia 14.04.20 | 11:51

Alsat reports that six more patients died of the coronavirus

Alsat TV reports that six patients died from the coronavirus in the two main Skopje hospitals where Covid-19 cases are treated. According to the usually reliable TV station, four of the deaths occurred in the Infectious Diseases Clinic, and two at the “8th of September” hospital. If confirmed,...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 13:25

Alsat TV: Two coronavirus patients have died

Two coroanvirus patients have died overnight, reports Alsat TV. One of the patients was from Skopje and the other from Struga. If confirmed, this would bring the death toll of the epidemic in Macedonia to 32.

Macedonia 11.06.19 | 16:35

Alsat: DUI will gain a number of financially powerful public companies as a result of Zaev’s purge

According to the Alsat TV station, the DUI party is about to significantly increase its share in lucrative public sector companies as part of Zoran Zaev’s planned purge and reconstruction of the Government. The Albanian language TV station reports that DUI will lose the Public Procurement Bureau,...