Tag: Anita Angelovska-Bezoska
Economy 02.04.21 | 12:25

Angelovska-Bezoska – Markus: Support for the country in EU accession process through cooperation with National Bank

Slovakia is a strong supporter of your country’s EU integration strategic goals. In that regard, there is an opportunity for establishing cooperation in multiple segments, including in central banking. The National Bank is a strong partner in the implementation of these activities through exchange...

Economy 20.01.21 | 09:35

How is it possible for 60 million euros to disappear from the bank on the day of its closing?, Eurostandard depositors ask Bezoska

The Association of Damaged Depositors from “Eurostandard” reacts to the statement of the National Bank dissociating itself from all the actions we had listed, made by Governor Bezoska, she continues to superficially declare that everything is done properly in the case of Eurostandard Bank....

Economy 18.01.21 | 09:41

Eurostandard damaged depositors: Governor Bezoska is an accomplice in the organized crime

The Association of Damaged Depositors, in its latest public reaction, says that for years, the National Bank, ie the Governor Anita Angelovska Bezoska, tolerated the continuous theft of their deposits led by the persons in managerial positions in Eurostandard Bank. The damaged depositors accuse that...

Economy 03.04.20 | 11:48

Angelovska-Bezoska: We expect financial conditions to ease for both citizens and corporate sector

We expect the financial conditions to ease for both the citizens and the corporate sector. This was precisely the purpose of the amendments to the regulation on the operation of banks, which we adopted. We have done in-depth analysis before in order to come up with a solution that will at the same time...

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