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Macedonia 19.05.21 | 23:17

One of Zaev’s key prosecutors hid an apartment from her property report

Lile Stefanova, a prosecutor who survived the collapse of the Special Prosecutor’s Office and continues to serve the Zaev regime in its politically motivated trials, hid an apartment worth 75,000 EUR in her property report. Anti-corruption laws demand that officials report all their property annually,...

Macedonia 06.04.20 | 13:59

Mother and son found dead in their Veles apartment

A mother and her son were found dead in an apartment in Veles. Police is still not revealing much beyond the initial report. Local media say that neighbors have not seen the two for about a month and eventually sought help after terrible smell began to spread from the apartment. Prosecutors are working...

Macedonia 23.07.19 | 21:14

Top Government official suspected of purchasing an under-priced apartment from a businessmen pressured by his close friend Katica Janeva

An ancillary scandal possibly related to the Katica Janeva drama was revealed today by the A1on news site, which involves the recently dismissed manager of the state owned electricity transmission company MEPSO Saso Vasilevski. According to the report Vasilevski, who is close to Janeva, was able to purchase...

World 05.02.19 | 09:33

Seven killed in Paris apartment fire

Seven people have been killed and one person has been severely injured in an apartment fire in Paris, the news agency AFP reported early Tuesday, citing firefighters. “The death toll could rise because the fire is still ongoing on the seventh and eighth floors,” a spokesman said. The apartment building...

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