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Macedonia 08.11.19 | 13:23

Taravari: The car of the brother of deputy head of financial police was used to sells narcotics in Tetovo

Arben Taravari wrote on Facebook about the election of the new deputy head of the financial police. The new deputy head of financial police is a wrestler by profession, and a few months ago the car of his brother, which is an inspector at the MoI Tetovo, was used for selling narcotics in Tetovo, and...

Macedonia 10.08.19 | 22:52

Taravari calls for early elections: No date for start of EU negotiations with the current government

Following the publication of the latest set of tapes related to the “Racket” affair, General Secretary of the Alliance for Albanians Arben Taravari, who is the mayor of Gostivar, demanded that early parliamentary elections take place. This Government no longer has any credibility, at least...

Macedonia 23.04.19 | 13:21

Taravari: They should not get their hopes up about Reka’s votes

Kiracovski is wrong if he thinks that by default the votes of Blerim Reka will go for SDSM, said Arben Taravari in a debate on 24 TV. Even during the referendum, it was difficult for me to say in Gostivar that Pendarovski deserves the votes. They took away my credentials twice, they did not vote for...

Macedonia 22.04.19 | 22:30

Taravari: Pendarovski is a failed investment

Incumbent mayor of Gostivar, Arben Taravari, said Monday on the “Analiza” show said that the current government of DUI and SDSM received a message from the citizens that their consensual candidate is a failed investment. We sent a message, and we also received a message from the people that...

Macedonia 25.03.19 | 23:47

Taravari: 50% of the DUI membership will vote for Blerim Reka

Half of the DUI membership will vote for Blerim Reka, Arben Taravari said Monday on TV21’s “Click Plus” show. According to the Gostivar mayor, who was debating with Artan Grubi on the show, said that in 2014, when Stevo Pendarovski was a presidential candidate, he voted for him in the second round.