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Macedonia 04.07.19 | 12:55

Pendarovski orders the army to be named “Army of the Republic of North Macedonia”

President Stevo Pendarovski ordered the renaming of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia into the “Army of the Republic of North Macedonia”. The name of the army is the Army of the “Republic of North Macedonia” and that is now legally settled on my part, Pendarovski said during...

Macedonia 02.07.19 | 18:16

Ministry of Defense: Army uniforms must be of top quality – the procedure will be repeated

The Ministry of Defense said that “due to the failure to fulfill the contract for the procurement of military-field uniform by the company that was selected in a public and transparent procedure, today has terminated this contract, and in accordance with the procedure, will activate the bank guarantee.” The...

Macedonia 31.05.19 | 18:30

Defense Ministry union demands a resignation from Minister Sekerinska

The union of the Defense Ministry demands that Minister Radmila Sekerinska resigns because of the poor labour and equipment conditions of the army. According to the union, the state of the army barracks is unacceptable and pay is low. We face disastrously bad conditions to perform our work. The military...

World 14.02.19 | 22:13

Trump expected to declare a state of emergency and order the army to build a wall on the border with Mexico

US President Donald Trump is expected to declare a state of national emergency, which would allow him to order the army to begin construction of a wall on the southern border with Mexico, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced. His decision comes after the Congress could not agree to give the...

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