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Macedonia Culture 28.11.22 | 13:43

Recipients of “St. Clement of Ohrid” state award announced

The Ministry of Culture has announced this year’s recipients of the “St. Clement of Ohrid” award. They include: Afrim Osmani, PhD, as this year’s winner in the area of education, Vlada Urosevic, writer, and Ismet Ramikjevic, artist, have received the award in the area of culture...

Macedonia Sport 28.07.21 | 12:00

Financial award for silver medalist Dejan Georgievski

The Government announced that it will pay 30,000 EUR to taekwondo fighter Dejan Georgievski, who won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics – Macedonia’s first medal in 20 years. His coach, VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Darko Kostovski, will be paid 10,000 EUR.

Macedonia 04.05.21 | 21:04

New scandal involving the Government and Minister Carovska: No award ceremony for the most prestigious science “Goce Delcev” award

New scandal involving the government and Minister Carovska who violate the law, are in order to avoid the name of the revolutionary Goce Delcev. Although there is legislation and a decision of the Ministry of Education and Science, Minister Mila Carovska today did not organize a ceremony to present the...

Macedonia 14.12.20 | 18:11

Zaev and Tsipras recipients of the 2020 Hessian Peace Prize

The President of the Hessen State Parliament Boris Rhein, awarded the 2020 Hessian Peace Prize to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at a special ceremony. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the award of the Albert Osswald Foundation was presented online for the first...

Macedonia 17.11.20 | 11:05

Zaev awarded the award to himself in Berlin: His adviser is the director of the same organization

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev received the 2020 Human Rights Award of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) in Berlin on Monday. But, if one searches a little who is behind this organization, it turns out that Zaev awarded the award to himself. Milan Zivkovic, one of Zaev’s advisers, is the director of...

Music 28.01.20 | 10:00

Vlatko Lozanoski at MAC 2020: I come from Macedonia, not from that country with the addition you mentioned!

Popular singer Vlatko Lozanoski last night at the 2020 Music Awards Ceremony event held in Belgrade corrected the award presenter saying he was from Macedonia, not North Macedonia as announced. Lozano won the award for best pop folk song at the event. Thank you all who voted for “Majko” [Mother]...

Macedonia 27.11.19 | 23:25

BiH went looking for friends and found me and my multiethnic people of ‘North Macedonia’

Outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev received Wednesday evening the Isa Beg Ishakovic International Award at the National Theater in Sarajevo, which is awarded to foreign statesmen for the promotion of peace, tolerance and understanding. According to the award committee, the outgoing prime minister has...

Macedonia 10.09.19 | 13:06

Nikola Dimitrov – recipient of an award for contribution to the European integration of the region

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the European Western Balkans (EWB), the portal presented the Award for Contribution to the European Integration of the region to the Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov. The Award is being presented “for demonstrating extraordinary...