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Macedonia 31.10.21 | 19:01

Axios: Our observer was attacked in Bojane

Axios, a poll monitoring organization, said that the election observer who was attacked today in the village of Bojane near Saraj was part of their team. It was initially wrongly reported that this was an observer of an opposition party. The attackers were identified as observers from two ruling parties. Voting...

Macedonia 08.10.21 | 16:01

Axios poll: VMRO candidates lead in Prilep and Gazi Baba, Kriva Palanka is tied

The Axios poll, conducted in late September, shows that the VMRO-DPMNE candidates will win in Gazi Baba and in Prilep against their SDSM opponents, while the race in Kriva Palanka is tied. In Tetovo, the candidates of DUI and the Alliance of Albanians are also tied. Boban Stefkovski from VMRO leads in...

Macedonia 06.10.21 | 11:28

Axios poll: VMRO has significant lead over SDSM in Bitola, Aerodrom and Gjorce Petrov

The Axios poll showed that VMRO-DPMNE candidates have a lead over SDSM in several key bellwether cities and Skopje districts, such as Bitola, Aerodrom and Gjorce Petrov. In Bitola, the VMRO-DPMNE candidate Toni Konjanovski has a 4 percent lead over the SDSM candidate Hristo Kondovski. Konjanovski polls...

Macedonia 04.10.21 | 15:57

Poll shows VMRO lead over SDSM in Skopje, Butel, Veles and Stip, SDSM is ahead in Strumica

The Axios poll shows Danela Arsovska with a solid lead over Petre Silegov in the race for Mayor of Skopje. The poll shows her with 18.3 percent of the vote, compared to 13.5 percent for Silegov. Other candidates, such as Petar Georgievski – Kamikaza from Levica, Beni Shaqiri from DOM and LDP and...

News Macedonia 03.10.21 | 15:17

Axios poll shows VMRO-DPMNE with comfortable lead over SDSM

A poll conducted by the Axios agency shows that VMRO-DPMNE maintains a solid lead ahead of SDSM, with 27.8 percent against 23.3 percent. Given the first-pass-the-post nature of the mayoral races in the local elections, this could translate in a major victory for the opposition. The poll also shows the...

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