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Macedonia 18:27

Parliament adopts amendments making abortion easier to obtain at later time in the pregnancy

The Parliament adopted the changes to the law on abortion, which make it easier to terminate the baby at a later date in the pregnancy. According to the changes, expectant mothers will be able to terminate the pregnancy with a medically induced abortion until the ninth week. Generally abortions can be...

Macedonia 16:58

Police found a dead baby buried in Strumica, autopsy will determine if it was delivered stillborn or murdered

Strumica police is determining whether the baby which was buried after a home delivery was stillborn or alive when it was buried. The case of the 18 year old woman was uncovered when she sought medical assistance without telling the doctors that she recently delivered a baby. Police searched her home...

Macedonia 17:09

Police investigating a case of domestic birth in Strumica, fate of baby unknown

Doctors from the Strumica hospital asked the police to investigate the case of a 19 year old woman who came to be treated and who showed clear signs of having given birth soon. There is no report on the fate of the baby. It is presumed that the woman gave birth at home, and asked for medical help only...

Macedonia 11:44

Third victim of complications from measles, 13-month-old baby from Tetovo dies

A 13-month-old baby died at the Children’s Clinic last night after suffering from complications from measles, the Ministry of Health confirmed for Republika. This is the third time a child has died during the ongoing measles outbreak. A 13-month-old baby from Sveti Nikole, who got infected by...

Life 13:40

Baby boy ushers New Year in Skopje

A baby boy ushered the New Year in Skopje, born one minute after midnight in the Gynecology Clinic.