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Macedonia 19.09.21 | 14:29

Prosecutors investigating how Zaev’s adviser Dragi Raskovski can afford a 500,000 EUR bail

Organized crime prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska said that she is investigating the bail offered by Dragi Raskovski to secure his release from detention. Raskovski, a close confidant and former chief of staff of Zoran Zaev, offered half a million EUR in guarantees, which is suspicious in itself, given that...

Macedonia 03.09.21 | 14:00

Criminal court again rejects 1.8m-euro bail for Kamcev

The criminal court  rejected the guarantee of 1.8 million euros that businessman Jordan Kamcev offered to get out of detention. Earlier, Orce Kamcev’s lawyer in the “Vodno Plots” case, Elenko Milanov, said that this was the second attempt with a offered guarantee to be released from...

Macedonia 20.05.21 | 10:25

The court refused Mijalkov’s 10.8 million EUR bail offer, ordered him to remain in detention

The Skopje court refused the 10.8 million EUR bail offer from former state security chief Saso Mijalkov, who asked to be released from detention until his 12 years prison sentence becomes effective. The prosecution agreed with the defense and told the court that they agree with the bail offer. But given...

Macedonia 19.05.21 | 17:17

Mijalkov likely to be released from prison on a bail of almost 11 million EUR

State prosecutors caused an uproar today when they proposed that the court accepts the nearly 11 million EUR bail offered by Saso Mijalkov. This could mean that the former had of state security who is facing half a dozen charges initiated by the Zaev regime, could soon be released even after his flight...

Macedonia 14.05.21 | 17:49

Saso Mijalkov offered 7.5 million EUR as bail

Former state security chief Saso Mijalkov reportedly offered 7.5 million EUR as guarantee to the court, as his legal team is requesting his release from detention. Mijalkov was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the 2015 wiretapping scandal and briefly fled from the police – likely to Serbia –...

Macedonia 31.08.20 | 20:18

Ohrid court prepares to release notorious local DUI boss Nefi Useini out on bail

The Ohrid court accepted a guarantee of 30,000 EUR to allow notorious local boss Nefi Useini and his brother out on bail, in a case in which they are accused of pulling a gun on a local citizen and his 14 year old son, and then beating the man. The two were arrested after days of hiding from the police...

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