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Macedonia Sport 13.11.20 | 20:48

This is what football’s all about – BBC says as Macedonia celebrates its European Championship success

This is what football is all about, BBC Sport said on Facebook about the joy seen throughout Macedonia after the country qualified for its first ever European Championship. \Macedonia’s players broke into song and dance on the pitch in Tbilisi and later disrupted the press conference of their coach...

Culture 09.02.20 | 23:06

Neon lights cannot match Macedonia stars, BBC writes about Honeyland

One of the more unlikely films competing in this weekend’s Oscars is a fascinating story about a wild beekeeper in the Balkans. Honeyland has a strong ecological message, but it’s the life story of the woman at the centre of the film that has struck a chord around the world, reads a BBC article...

Macedonia 26.02.19 | 11:57

Macedonian Foreign Ministry to react to BBC over the term “Macedonian Slavs”

BBC’s report, in which the British public service broadcaster presented the testimony of a Macedonian man from Aegean Macedonia over the decades-long repression, persecution and violation of their human rights by Greece, has caused undivided positive reactions in Macedonia and a storm of criticism...

Macedonia 26.02.19 | 10:19

BBC rejects the Greek note over its report on the Macedonian minority in Greece

The protest note that the Greek embassy in London sent to the BBC over its report on the persecuted Macedonian minority, where it rejected the service’s claims as unacceptable, has been rejected by the BBC as “disappointing”. In its response to the Greek ambassador Dimitris Caramitsos-Tziras,...

Macedonia 24.02.19 | 21:25

BBC report on the persecuted Macedonian minority in Greece

BBC ran a lengthy report on the Macedonian community in Greece, and how it has survived decades of attempts at force assimilation and expulsions. The report by Maria Margaronis refers to Macedonians as Macedonian Slavs and describes the persecution down to details about the modes of torture used on Macedonians...

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