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Macedonia 20.05.21 | 13:47

Monks and nuns from the monasteries in the south-west began receiving coronavirus vaccines

Monks and nuns from the Bigorski, Precista, Rajcica and Knezino, in the south-west of Macedonia, began receiving Covid-19 vaccines. The Bigorski brotherhood and the sisterhoods from the other three monasteries said that they decided unanimously to take the vaccine, after receiving a blessing from the...

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 09:13

A historic monastery added to the list of ethnic disputes

Add this to the never ending list of historic disputes in and over Macedonia. The monastery of St. John Bigorski near Debar is celebrating the 1,000 anniversary is its founding. The belovedshrine is celebrated with sermons, concerts and even a light show. It is respected by both Christians and Muslims...

Macedonia 24.09.20 | 15:34

Song about the fall of the Archbishopric of Ohric censored in order not to offend the Greeks

An epic song by Grigor Prlicev about the fall of the Archbishopric of Ohrid was modified for the concert held to celebrate the millennium of the founding of the St. John Bigorski monastery. Durign the event, which was attended by top state and church officials, the song, named simply “1762”,...

Macedonia 25.05.20 | 10:10

Parteniy’s followers pave his way with flowers to celebrate his appointment as bishop

The newly appointed bishop of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Parteniy, was welcomed by his followers with a carpet of flowers strewn in the Bigorski monastery. Parteniy will lead a newly established bishopric in the church – covering Debar and Kicevo, from a see in the Bigorski monastery. In his...

Macedonia 20.04.20 | 11:54

The Bigorski monastery denies violating coronavirus rules during its popular Easter service

The Bigorski monastery dismissed allegations that it has violated curfew orders during its Easter celebration. With Macedonians locked in their homes for Easter, tens of thousands from Macedonia and across the world tuned in the live Youtube stream of the Easter service in the monastery. But some on...

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