Tag: Bilal Kasami
Macedonia 16.10.19 | 15:34

Kasami: If we don’t get a date, this government is dead

Besa Movement leader Bilal Kasami said Wednesday that if the state does not start negotiations with the EU, the government should resign and call snap elections immediately. The Besa party hopes that the EU will overcome itself and in the interest of the citizens of Macedonia as soon as possible, ie...

Macedonia 03.09.19 | 11:43

Kasami: Zaev to muster up courage and call early elections

The leader of the Besa Movement party, Bilal Kasami, commented on the latest political developments in the country in an interview with TV 21’s “10 Minutes” show. He said the government no longer had credibility and that the Special Prosecutor’s Office scandal was the biggest...

Macedonia 22.04.19 | 18:18

Albanians also want changes as in the Macedonian campus

Leaders of the Alliance for Albanians and BESA, Zijadin Sela and Bilal Kasami, whose candidate for president, Blerim Reka, won almost 80,000 votes in the first round, say that this result is a message from the Albanians to the Albanian elites of the government. In all settlements and municipalities with...

Macedonia 21.04.19 | 20:57

Kasami cast his vote at Tetovo high school

The President of the Besa Movement, Bilal Kasami, accompanied by his wife, cast his vote at the polling station 1947 located at the building of the Kiril Pejcinovic High School in Tetovo at 11:30 h. Today, all citizens of North Macedonia had the opportunity to prove that we were separated once and for...

Macedonia 21.02.19 | 18:49

Zaev presents several options for consensus presidential candidate to Besa leader Kasami, he hesitates

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told a press conference Thursday that he presented several proposals for a possible joint presidential candidate to opposition BESA leader Bilal Kasami. At the meeting with Kasami, we presented our request for a joint candidate in the elections, through a detailed analysis and...

Macedonia 18.02.19 | 22:25

Gashi to form a new party, “Besa” remains in the hands of Kasami

The membership of the “Besa” wing led by Afrim Gashi, asked to suspend the trial for the name of the party. Therefore, Gashi and his supporters, who give up on the dispute, will form a new party, Telma reported. The new party, which should be registered soon, will be named “Alternative”....

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