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Macedonia 23.11.21 | 20:26

Transportation Ministry will revoke the bus company’s license

Transportation Minister Blagoj Bocvarski said that he will strip the BESA Trans company of its license, following the disastrous bus fire in Bulgaria in which 45 people were killed. Bocvarski said that the company registered only four of its vehicles with the Ministry, and the bus that burnt down in...

Macedonia 16.07.21 | 14:06

Bocvarski defends the plan to add new tolls to the existing highways

Transportation Minister Blagoj Bocvarski defended the plan to add a third paytoll station to the Tetovo – Gostivar highway (just 25 kilometers). Bocvarski said that this is being done to expand the highway in the future, as well as to ensure that the country has “modern roads”. We are projecting...

News 05.03.21 | 21:45

Citizens protest plans for major new residential developments in the western districts of Skopje

Citizens from Skopje’s Gjorce Petrov district met with Transportation Minister Blagoj Bocvarski to protest the huge planned development that could add up to 800 apartments and 3,000 citizens to the area. Representatives of citizens who protest the plan say that Mayor Aleksandar Naumoski refuses...

Macedonia Economy 22.11.20 | 11:50

Bocvarski insists that Macedonia will become a regional gas player

Transportation Minister Blagoja Bocvarski claimed that Macedonia will become a major regional player in the natural gas market with the completion of the linkage between its cities and the link to Greece. Macedonia currently has a badly underdeveloped network, with supply from Russia, through Bulgaria,...

Macedonia 19.06.20 | 13:41

Another Potemkin project from SDSM – Pool in Johannesburg presented as the work of the Mayor of Stip

After several embarrassing situations in which Government officials were using pictures stolen from the internet, from Germany, France and other countries, to promote tourism in Macedonia, another similar case was reported in Stip. Beneath the incompetence – corruption: More issues emerge with...

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