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Macedonia 03.10.21 | 21:15

Bomb thrown at the house of Roma politician Gabriel Bajram

Roma politician Gabriel Bajram reported to the police that a bomb was thrown in the yard of his house. The incident happend last night. Bajram said that the blast caused damage to the house, but no injuries. Previously, he would report to the police that he is receiving threats. Bajram is a candidate...

Balkans 24.08.21 | 12:35

Bomb threats in Solun

A number of hotels in Solun (Thessaloniki) received bomb threats yesterday, prompting the police to conduct urgent checks. The threats were sent through email. Greek media report that bomb threats are frequent in the country, but not in such coordinated fashion.

Macedonia 11.07.20 | 13:32

[AUDIO] Zaev admits that he made “combinations” with Katica, he arranged the census, Talir 2 and Postenska Banka cases to fall

A new audio bomb was published on social networks this morning, which features the voice of former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. The content of the audio itself reveals combinations and schemes that were made to end court cases, which involved more people from the former government. The schemes were made...

Macedonia 05.07.20 | 18:22

Incendiary bomb thrown at the house of Prilep police commissioner Spirkoski

The family home of Prilep police commissioner Kiril Spirkoski was firebombed overnight. Unknown attackers threw an incendiary device at about 3 in the morning. Spirkoski was able to extinguish the fire by himself. The attack did not cause serious damage to the house. Police said it is investigating the...

Macedonia 21.06.20 | 14:07

Mickoski: The bomb blast aimed at the Misajlovski family shows the true face of SDSM

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski accused the ruling SDSM party for the attack on the shop owned by VMRO Vice President Vladimir Misajlovski. Misajlovski’s family bakery and shop as well as his home in Skopje’s Gjorce Petrov district were targeted with a fire bomb in 2017, ahead of...

Macedonia 21.06.20 | 10:16

Bomb thrown in the bakery operated by the family of VMRO Vice President Misajlovski

The small bakery in Skopje’s western district of Gjorce Petrov, owned by the family of VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Vladimir Misajlovski, was bombed overnight. Misajlovsk isaid that the bakery was attacked at 3 in the morning, when someone threw an explosive device inside causing significant damage. Luckily...

Macedonia 23.02.20 | 17:38

Zaev, the man who marched for justice, held “justice” in his hands: I calmed down and I agreed with Jovo

VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki released an audio “bomb” allegedly featuring ex-Prime Minister Zoran Zaev directly interfering with the judiciary, making agreements with Jovo Vangelovski over certain verdicts. Hear how the head of the racket Zaev buries the rule of law and the Supreme Court,...

Macedonia 23.02.20 | 15:39

Tapes show why Zaev should go to jail and why the mafia has its own state

The tapes shows why Zaev should go to jail and why the mafia has its own state, VMRO DPMNE secretary general Igor Janusev wrote on Facebook. Today Antonio Milososki released tapes of Zaev saying “I am close to Jovo”, “there is no decision of the Supreme Court without Zaev”, “or...

Macedonia 23.02.20 | 15:24

Zaev confirms the authenticity of the new audio bomb: I’m commenting on the Supreme Court’s decision

In the audio tapes I comment on the Supreme Court’s decision not to proceed with the SCO cases after June 2017, a situation where cases would have been dropped if the Public Prosecutor’s Law had not been passed, says SDSM leader and former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in connection with Sunday’s...

Macedonia 23.02.20 | 14:45

Janez Janša tweets following the latest bomb about Zaev’s involvement in SPO’s work

Former Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša commented on Twitter after the latest audio bomb about former Prime Minister and SDSM president Zoran Zaev’s interference in the work of the SPO and the Supreme Court. #RuleOfLaw in a socialist ruled #Macedonia: “It is agreed cases to drop. Katica...

Macedonia 23.02.20 | 14:31

Bombs as proof that new PPO law was passed to save Zaev, his family and the mafia in Macedonia

Is the truth revealed why SDSM and Zoran Zaev rushed to adopt the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office?! Was Zaev aware that there may be tapes that prove his influence on the judiciary?!, Antonio Milososki said at Sunday’s press conference, releasing a new wiretapped conversation that he said...

Macedonia 23.02.20 | 14:16

Will Ruskovska and PPO be encouraged to summon Zaev for questioning after Sunday’s bomb?

At Sunday’s press conference, Antonio Milososki presented a tape allegedly featuring the voice of former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. This audio tape clearly shows that Zaev was in close contact with Katica Janeva and it can be concluded that the two were in close coordination with the “Racket”...

Macedonia 23.02.20 | 14:12

Bombs prove the Economist’s claim that Macedonia has a hybrid regime

I am aware that Mr. Zaev and his family are quite influential in both the prosecution and politics and the state, and that they ordered in the past who should or should not be detained. But after such material being published, if anyone is to be arrested or at least summoned for questioning, it is Mr....

Macedonia 23.02.20 | 14:01

Is the new “bomb” linking Zaev to the “Racket” case

The “bomb” released today by MP Antonio Milososki caused a storm of reactions. Some say people are questioned by the police for a few hours for such thing. As Milososki said this is an audio bomb of high public interest, delivered by a whistleblower, which allegedly features the voice of...

Macedonia 23.02.20 | 12:22

New audio “bomb” blows up Zaev and the mafia in power: It is agreed cases to drop. Katica knows. Supreme Court will make a decision, they can’t do anything without Zaev

MP Antonio Milososki published Sunday a new audio bomb from the headquarters of VMRO-DPMNE in which can be heard the voice of former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev who completely orchestrates the decisions of former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva and the Supreme Court. The audio tape reveals that there...

Macedonia 29.01.20 | 15:55

All clear given in the Skopje City Mall bomb threat

The bomb search in Skopje’s City Mall ended a little while ago. The mall, which is Skopje’s and Macedonia’s largest, was evacuated earlier today after a bomb threat. Police units search the stores for hours. So far there are no reports that they actually found a bomb. Shop employees...

Macedonia 22.12.19 | 20:46

Man arrested after making a false bomb report in the Bitola hospital

A man was arrested yesterday for making a false bomb threat against the Bitola hospital. The incident occurred early afternoon when the man, identified by the police as 30 year old T.E. from a village near Prilep, called the hospital and reported a bomb. Police officers investigated the report and determined...

Macedonia 18.12.19 | 10:54

High school in downtown Skopje evacuated following a threat report

The Lazar Licenovski art school in Skopje was evacuated today due to an unspecified threat. Police blocked entry to the school in downtown Skopje, while the teachers and students were led out of the building. According to early media reports, the reason for the evacuation was a bomb threat.

World 10.11.19 | 22:06

Young man killed, another critically injured in an attack in Malmo

A 15 year old boy was killed in a pizza place shoot out in the Swedish city of Malmo.  Another young man was badly injured in the attack that was carried out on Saturday evening. The attackers fled on bicycles after killing the boy. Within minutes, in a different part of the city, a bomb planted underneath...

Macedonia 23.09.19 | 21:17

Gruevski: Today the biggest bomb exploded, the government was overthrown with modified tapes!

Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski wrote on Facebook that the biggest bomb exploded today, meaning that the previous government has been toppled with manipulated wiretaps. Slowly but surely the truth is coming to the surface, Gruevski wrote. He notes in his post that when the “bombs” emerged...

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