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Macedonia 30.04.21 | 18:02

Kamcev’s offer of a 1.7 million EUR bond rejected by the court

The Appeals Court refused an offer from businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev for a bond of 1.7 million EUR. Kamcev is detained over one of the politically motivated cases initiated by former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva – whose office was dismantled after Kamcev revealed her extortion attempts against...

Economy 09.04.20 | 17:08

Macedonia will try to loan 800 million EUR in July

The Macedonian Government plans to issue an 10 year bond worth 800 million EUR in July. This will be the main mechanism to fund the expected deficit for 2020, caused by the coronavirus linked economic crisis. The Government is also seeking 176 million EUR in loans from the IMF and 80 million from the...

Economy 02.03.20 | 15:58

Government about to add 131.6 million EUR to the debt

The Government plans to add 131.6 million EUR to its debt tomorrow, with the latest pre-election bond auction. Under the SDSM led Government, the public debt broke through the psychological barrier of 50 percent of GDP. The leftist party strongly condemned adding to the debt while it was in the opposition,...

Economy 05.02.20 | 15:25

New debt issue worth 50 million EUR planned for next week

A new bond auction planned for next week will increase Macedonia’s debt by 50 million EUR. It’s the latest pre-election bond issue as the opposition warns that public spending is geared toward buying votes for the ruling SDSM party. The public debt surpassed the psychological barrier of 50...

Economy 01.03.19 | 17:32

UNIBanka issues a perpetual bond

The UNIBanka bank issued a perpetual bond worth 5 million EUR, with an annual interest rate of 9 percent for the first 5 years. According to the executive manager Vladislav Hadzidinev, this is the first time this instrument has been used in the Macedonian financial market. The perpetual bond issue will...

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