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Macedonia 20.06.20 | 14:21

Second corona wave leaves Macedonia isolated

The major Second Wave of the coronavirus, that hit Macedonia after the month of Ramadan, left the country regionally isolated. As other countries in the Balkans and Europe are reopening their borders, Macedonian citizens can travel only to Albania, Kosovo and Serbia. All other countries require tests...

Macedonia 17.06.20 | 09:30

Macedonia opens border crossings for transit tourists

The Macedonian Government ordered all border crossings to reopen today, but with serious caveats. Foreign citizens can only enter the country for five hours. This largely is meant to allow tourists from the Balkans and Europe to get to Greece, along the A1 highway, while minimizing their exposure to...

Balkans 15.06.20 | 21:11

Long queue at border as Greece warily opens door to summer tourists

Greece on Monday faced an onslaught of thousands of tourists driving through the only open land border for travellers, stirring fears of the new coronavirus’ spread as the country tentatively begins opening itself up. On the Bulgarian-Greek border, a kilometres-long column of cars with Bulgarian and...

Macedonia 15.06.20 | 09:31

As most of Europe reopens its borders, Macedonia turns into a transit-only country

As EU countries reopen their borders, Macedonia, which is in the midst of a major Second Wave of the coronavirus epidemic, will open only for transit. As most neighboring countries keep their borders closed to Macedonian citizens, our country will allow foreigners to transit for at most five hours starting...

Macedonia 12.06.20 | 17:04

Greece decides to keep its border with Macedonia closed for two more weeks

Greece announced that it will postpone the planned opening of its border with Macedonia for two weeks, until July 1, and even that will only happen “if all goes well”. Greece opened its border with Bulgaria and declared a start to its tourist season, but decided to keep the borders with Macedonia,...

Balkans 11.06.20 | 17:27

EC recommends opening EU borders for Western Balkans as of July 1

The European Commission recommends to EU member states to lift travel restrictions for Western Balkans as of 1 July, given that their epidemiological situation is similar or better than that of the EU, MIA’s Brussels correspondent reported Thursday. Today the European Commission recommends to Schengen...

Macedonia 02.06.20 | 18:33

Migrant patrol: 60 Macedonian and international police officers ordered to self-isolate after a Hungarian officer tested positive

Thirty Macedonian police officers and 30 international officers who are deployed on the southern border with Greece were forced into self-isolation after one Hungarian officer tested positive to the coronavirus. The Macedonian police, reinforced with officers from central European countries, protects...

Macedonia 01.06.20 | 09:46

Montenegro puts Macedonia on the coronavirus black list

Montenegro revised the list of countries whose citizens will be allowed to enter without preconditions, and left Macedonia out of the revised list. Macedonia was initially not on the list, was later added but is now out again. The reason is the high number of active coronavirus cases in Macedonia, where...

Macedonia 28.05.20 | 18:56

Serbia opens its border for Macedonian citizens, Greece will make the decision by the end of the month

Greece will determine which countries can have their citizens arrive there without any preconditions by the end of the month. It’s expected that, despite the high infection and mortality rate in Macedonia, Greece will allow Macedonian citizens to enter without having to undergo a test, given the...

Balkans 23.04.20 | 14:25

Hungary re-opens three border crossings with Serbia for dual residents

Hungary and Serbia re-opened their border for residents and farmers. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto and Serbian Interior MInister Nebojsa Stefanovic ade the agreement to open three crossings that were closed due to the spread of the coronavirus. Countries in central Europe are slowly re-opening...

Macedonia 23.03.20 | 15:32

Nine Macedonian citizens who left the country signed statements they won’t return for three months

Nine Macedonians citizens who left the country signed statements that they will not return in the next three months, said Interior Minister Nake Culev. Macedonia keeps its borders open for its own citizens, with a mandatory quarantine in place, but those choosing to leaving the country during the epidemic...

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 17:04

Despite appeals to avoid travel, 179 people exited the country by 2 pm

79 Macedonian citizens exited the country vie the Tabanovce border crossing from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm today, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. The total number of passengers that exited the country was 179, the ministry said.

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 11:27

Macedonian citizens leaving the country will be asked to declare they will not return for at least three months

Macedonian citizens who are exiting the country will be required to sign a statement that they will not return in the next three months. This measure was announced by the Government that held a session to discuss the coronavirus epidemic yesterday evening, after all border crossings were ordered closed...

Macedonia 15.03.20 | 13:36

Greece closes its border with Macedonia and Albania

A day after Macedonia closed its border crossings with Greece, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced they are closing the border with Macedonia and Albania. Mitsotakis informed that the border will remain open only for cargo and for Greek citizens and residents who want to return to Greece....

Macedonia 12.03.20 | 21:59

Albania introduces restrictions on the border with Macedonia

Albania is introducing restrictions on its three border crossings with Macedonia due to the spread of the coronavirus. Foreign citizens will still be allowed into Albania, but they will be permitted to move toward major cities such as Tirana, Durres, Shokoder, Elbasan.. Albanian citizens will be allowedto...

Macedonia 06.03.20 | 10:27

Serbian President Vucic says he will not hesitate go close the border with Macedonia to stop the migrant flow

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that he will be ready to close the border with Macedonia if the migrant situation gets out of hand. Vucic said that Serbia will not allow to be turned into a “parking lot” for migrants. Our institutions will not allow the entry into Serbia of persons...

Macedonia 01.03.20 | 21:05

Interior Ministry says the situation on the border with Greece is calm, with a “standard” number of illegal entry attempts

Macedonian Interior Ministry reports that the situation at the southern border with Greece remains unchanged, with no increased pressure due to the migrant crisis in Greece. Spokesman Toni Angelovski said that the numbers of illegal entries are “standard” and that citizens have no reason...

Macedonia 29.02.20 | 18:53

Passengers who spent time in northern Italy will not be allowed to enter Macedonia through any of the smaller border crossings

Passengers who have spent time in northern Italy are warned to avoid the smaller border crossings when coming into Macedonia. The only crossings equipped to scan incoming passengers for signs of the coronavirus are Kafasan on the border with Albania, Blace when coming from Kosovo, Tabanovce toward Serbia,...

World 14.01.20 | 11:19

V4: High migration pressure at Hungary’s borders

The first two weeks of the year has given a lot of work to police officers and soldiers protecting the borders, and the migration pressure is high, the Hungarian Interior Ministry’s state secretary said at a press conference in Budapest on Monday, the V4 news agency reported. Karoly Kontrat added...

Macedonia 30.12.19 | 16:57

Indian illegal migrant found hiding in the trunk of an Italian car crossing over from Greece

Border police found a migrant hidden in the trunk of a can that was crossing over from Greece on Sunday. When interrogated the man said that he is an Indian and he also had an Italian issued identity document. The car had Italian license plates and was driven by another Indian citizen.