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Macedonia 24.04.19 | 13:52

Zaev’s spokesman denies that the Government ordered a police raid to replace the Islamic Community chief

Zoran Zaev’s spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski denied that the Government is behind the police raid on Tuesday afternoon, whose goal was to remove the head of the Islamic Community of Macedonia (IVZ) Sulejman Rexhepi and to install Skender Buzaku in his place. Rexhepi, who was feuding with the Government...

Macedonia 27.03.19 | 17:15

Zaev’s Government wants to rewrite the school books as early as next school year

Zoran Zaev spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski said that the Government plans to introduce the name “Republic of North Macedonia” into the school books as early as next school year. The commissions with Greece are working as fast as they can, at a parity level, working in the spirit of the Prespa...

Macedonia 13.03.19 | 13:34

Government spokesman expects laws to be advanced even without President Ivanov’s signature

Despite President Gjorge Ivanov’s refusal to sign the laws adopted in the Parliament under the name “Republic of North Macedonia”, the Government expects that its agenda will move through the house anyway. The ruling coalition already violated the Constitution and got Speaker Talat...

Macedonia 13.02.19 | 17:08

Government spokesman promises that all reported cases of nepotism will be investigated and the violators fired

Government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski said that all the reported cases of nepotism in public hiring will be analyzed and that the Government will react if it is determined that SDSM and DUI party officials influenced the employment process. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was confronted by a journalist on...

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