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Macedonia 07.12.21 | 20:44

Inspectors unable to enter the Besa bus company

Agents from the state transport inspection service are unable to conduct new investigations in the Besa Trans company in Skopje, whose bus crashed in Bulgaria two weeks ago with the loss of 45 lives. According to inspection director Rufat Huseini, the owner of the company could not be reached, and its...

Macedonia 07.12.21 | 20:40

Tetovo: Mayor Kasami temporarily suspends all public transport

Tetovo city hall announced that it is temporarily halting the recently introduced public bus transport lines. According to the administration of newly elected Mayor Bilal Kasami, the public company created by his predecessor Teuta Arifi was not formally registered and a number of irregularities were...

Macedonia 06.12.21 | 17:49

The Besa company was using drivers from the Skopje public bus company for its tours to Istanbul

As Macedonia still awaits word from the Bulgarian investigators about what caused the disastrous bus crash on November 23rd that killed 45 people, Macedonian investigators have show that the Besa bus company was using drivers who worked with the Skopje JSP public bus company. The company had a convoy...

Macedonia 03.12.21 | 09:47

On request of the families, the Foreign Ministry drops plans for a funeral procession for the victims of the Besa bus disaster

The Foreign Ministry called off its plans for a televised funeral procession for the 45 passengers killed the Besa bus disaster. Bulgarian authorities organized the transport of the bodies to the Skopje airport this morning, after they were identified using DNA samples. The Foreign Ministry yesterday...

Macedonia 01.12.21 | 15:45

Mickoski: We are seeing a disastrous response to the bus disaster, all the Government institutions want is to avoid accountability

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski condemned the Government’s response in the aftermath of the Besa bus disaster as “disastrous”. Mickoski condemned the lack of any accountability in the institutions who were supposed to make sure that the bus involved in the disaster is safe. Instead...

Macedonia 01.12.21 | 15:24

Last survivor of the Besa bus crash discharged from hospital, bodies will be returned on Friday

Bulgarian doctors discharged the last, seventh survivor of the Besa bus crash who was still treated in Sofia. All seven passengers have been returned to Macedonia and Serbia, where they continue to undergo treatment. 45 passengers and drivers died in the disaster last Tuesday morning on the Sofia –...

Macedonia 01.12.21 | 12:32

Besa bus disaster: Minister Komitova says that a fuel leak and smoke were noticed before the crash

Bulgarian Regional Development Minister Violeta Komitova said that there was a likely leak of fuel and smoke from the Besa bus 300 meters ahead of the site of the disaster, where the bus burnt down with the loss of 45 lives. Komitova insists that the state of the road is the main problem – the...

Macedonia 30.11.21 | 11:08

Bulgarian Ministry will present its findings on the state of the highway during the Besa bus disaster

Bulgarian Regional Development Minister Violeta Komitova is expected to present the results for the inspection conducted by her department following the deadly bus crash a week ago south of Sofia that killed 45 passengers – most of them Macedonian citizens. Komitova’s department is focusing...

Macedonia 29.11.21 | 09:34

Three survivors of the Besa bus crash will return to Macedonia

Three more survivors of the deadly bus crash in Bulgaria last week will return to Skopje today. A total of seven passengers survived the crash, and two of them were already sent back home from the Pirogov hospital in Sofia where they were treated. The survivors will remain in treatment in Macedonia....

Macedonia 28.11.21 | 19:23

“Deeply ingrained corruption is behind the Besa bus disaster”

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski demanded answers from the Government on the Besa bus disaster that claimed 45 lives on Tuesday morning. Mickoski asked how is it possible that the bus that was used for a trip to Istanbul left the country 135 times even though it was not registered for international...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 16:10

Bus disaster: Prosecutors interrogated the owner of the Besa company

This morning prosecutors questioned Bedri Haxhiku, owner of the Besa Trans company, whose bus crashed in Bulgaria on Tuesday morning with loss of 45 lives. Haxhiku is available to both Macedonian and Bulgarian prosecutors, who hold the lead in the investigation. Macedonian prosecutors supplied their...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 12:09

Besa bus disaster: Two of the survivors will be discharged from hospital

Two of the seven survivors of the devastating Besa bus accident will be discharged today from the Pirogov hospital in Sofia. Bulgarian doctors operated on the survivors, who had burns, smoke inhalation and fractures, sustained during the fire and their frantic escape from the bus. One of those that are...

Balkans 26.11.21 | 23:07

Kosovo: Three killed when attacker opened fire on a bus carrying young people

Two youngsters and a bus driver were killed in Kosovo when an armed attacker opened fire on a village bus. The incident happened this afternoon, near Decani, after a man was kicked out of the bus for harassing a group of women. The bus was carrying mostly students and young people.

Macedonia 26.11.21 | 20:44

Man from Skopje faces hate speech charge over his bus disaster Facebook comment

A man from Skopje was interrogated by the police today for an ugly comment he wrote on Facebook with regard to the deadly bus accident in Bulgaria on Tuesday morning. The man was questioned about a potential “hate speech crime”, and the police said that he excused his comment by saying he...

Macedonia 26.11.21 | 20:32

Inspectors finally entered the Besa bus company, and found that the two drivers were not working there

Inspectors were finally able to enter the premises of the Besa Tours company, which operated the bus that crashed in Bulgaria on Tuesday morning with the loss of 45 lives. Earlier today the inspectors were not allowed to enter the office, to shock and dismay of the public. Currently, the office is cordoned...

Macedonia 26.11.21 | 18:13

Mickoski: The bus disaster is result of pervasive crime, corruption and institutional incompetence

Speaking about the deadly bus disaster in Bulgaria, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that it was the end result of pervasive corruption and criminal conduct in the country and the failure of state institutions to perform basic checks and inspections. We avoided public comments over the three...

Macedonia 25.11.21 | 20:51

Interior Minister Spasovski again denies reports that the Besa bus was used to smuggle gasoline

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski again said that the reports about gas and pyrotechnics being smuggled in the ill fated bus that burnt down in Bulgaria with the loss of at least 44 lives are speculations. Such comments harm the investigation instead of helping. According to my information, there is...

Macedonia 25.11.21 | 18:44

Passenger was saved by a luggage mix-up

A young passenger who went to Istanbul with the Besa company, and was supposed to board the ill fated bus that crashed and burned down south of Sofia, was moved to a different bus due to luggage mix-up. Xhafer Dolek had a seat on the bus that burnt down, but the hotel staff mistakenly put his bags in...

Macedonia 25.11.21 | 17:10

Two of the victims of the bus disaster were police officers

Two of the victims of the bus disaster in Bulgaria are police officers, reports Alsat TV. One of them is Enis Ramanoski, deputy commander of the Debar police station, and Sade Mustafoski, an officer at the Blato border crossing with Albania. Their families reported their deaths on social media accounts.

Macedonia 24.11.21 | 23:09

Company that owned the ill-fated bus denies reports that it was smuggling cheap Turkish fuel

“Besa Trans”, the tour agency that operated the bus that crashed and burnt down in Bulgaria on Tuesday morning with the loss of 45 lives, claims that it was not secretly transporting cheap diesel oil from Turkey or pyrotechnics for the coming New Year celebrations. These two allegations are...