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Economy 12.01.21 | 17:28

Osmani: Businesses strengthen good neighbourly relations

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani met Tuesday with the representatives of North Macedonia’s Chambers of Commerce, which make up the Business Dialogue Committee as well as the International Group of Experts that are part of this business dialogue with Greek companies. The meeting takes place ahead of Minister...

Macedonia 25.12.20 | 18:36

His entire family grows rich, but Zaev insists that he is penniless

After the interview in which Vice Zaev, Zoran Zaev’s brother, discussed his businesses and denied owning marijuana plants, journalists decided to look into the Prime Ministers property report. His brother insisted that the plants are not his property, but the property of the broader Zaev family,...

Macedonia 01.12.20 | 15:13

“Zaev is also making business concessions to Bulgaria”

VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Dafina Stojanoska warned that there are many business interests that are included in these deals, pointing to the Zaev family and its extensive dealings in Bulgaria. Long ago Zaev made promises to business lobbies and now he needs to deliver”, Stojanoska said. Bulgaria...

Macedonia 03.10.19 | 15:12

Zaev family to make trillions with cannabis business

VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki at Thursday’s Q&A session in Parliament expressed his dissatisfaction with the answer of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on the question of whether he discussed with Mike Straumietis (Big Mike) about legal changes to the Law on Growing and Selling Cannabis in Macedonia...

Economy 27.03.19 | 17:55

Not a single German businessman in Macedonia could be found to say something good about the Government’s economic policy

German investors in Macedonia evaluated the work of the Government with a 0 on a scale from 1 to 5. In the latest poll conducted by the German chamber of commerce in Macedonia, the representatives of some 200 German companies who employ about 20.000 Macedonians see the Government as so focused on the...

Economy 28.12.18 | 21:14

Macedonia drops five more places in the Forbes “best for business” list, is now among the least investment friendly countries in the region

Macedonia dropped five more seats in the Forbes list of countries with the best business enviroment. The large drop caused by the tax and regulatory increases announced by the SDSM led Government came last year, when Macedonia fell whopping 28 places, from 35 to 63 in the world. Now, as the plans to...

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