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Macedonia 21.06.20 | 17:02

Cable operators announce one hour TV blackout to protest pressure from the Government

Cable TV operators will shut down all broadcasts today for one hour, as a warning against attempts by the Government to impose severe restrictions on their work. The ruling SDSM party is trying to curry favor with the big domestic TV stations ahead of the elections and adopted a law and then a decree...

Macedonia 29.02.20 | 10:46

Cable operators agree to postpone their TV blackout

Cable operators decided to postpone the TV blackout which they announced in response to the hastily passed media law amendments. Major operators such as the Austrian A1 and the German Deutsche Telekom said they will stop broadcasting all commercial domestic and foreign TV channels next week because of...

Macedonia 26.02.20 | 17:22

War between TV stations and cable operators threatens a full media blackout

The feud between the cable operators and the five big national TV stations is coming to a head and Macedonia is under the threat of a TV broadcasting blackout. The TV stations today accused the cable operators of broadcasting foreign channels who have not bought copyrights. In response, the cable operators...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 15:19

Macedonian TV stations about to go dark in the run up to the elections

A law that was rushed through Parliament on its last day is about to cause chaos in media broadcasting. Cable operators are announcing that they will stop broadcasting all TV channels, foreign and domestic, apart from the state run MRTV channel. This comes in response to the law that was adopted on demand...

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