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Macedonia 12.01.21 | 12:04

Nearly 50 people arrested in a cafe in Cair

Police officers detained nearly 50 people in a cafe in Skopje’s Cair district, which was found open at 22h, way past the mandatory 18h closing time. The guests were aged between 17 and 75. They and the owner were briefly detained, while the cafe is going to be closed for a month.

Balkans 05.01.21 | 16:43

Many injured after a gas explosion in a cafe in Kosovo

A large gas canister explosion ripped through a cafe in the city of Urosevac/Ferizaj in Kosovo, injuring dozens. Local authorities say that four people are in critical condition. Patients were rushed to Pristina for treatment due to the severity of the burns they sustained.

Macedonia 04.11.20 | 09:06

Restaurants and bars will close at 21h, citizens urged to stay home after that time

Starting today, restaurants and bars will have to close at 21h, and will only be able to issue food for take-out a few hours after that. Restaurants operating in hotels and at the Skopje and Ohrid airports will be exempt from this restriction. Citizens are banned from gathering in public in groups of...

Macedonia 02.09.20 | 12:34

Demolition of the illegal building across the Skopje courthouse begins

A demolition team began tearing down the basis of a building that was being erected without permit at the Mavrovka shopping mall in downtown Skopje. The build, at the site of the terrace of a cafe that recently burnt down in an arson attack, became emblematic of Macedonia’s rule of law failures...

Macedonia 01.09.20 | 17:07

Prosecutors finally file charges in the case of the Mavrovka illegal build, set up an easy point for Zaev in the fight for the “rule of law”

State prosecutors finally publicly identified the businessman who is building the by now infamous illegal building in front of the Mavrovka shopping mall, just across the main Skopje courthouse. The buildings is being put in place of the terrace of a cafe that burnt down in a huge blaze several months...

Macedonia 05.08.20 | 16:47

No company dares apply to demolish the mysterious illegal build in the center of the city

Not a single company applied to the open contract to demolish a brazen illegal build in Skopje’s downtown. Unknown developer hsa been building on top of the terrace of a cafe that was recently burnt down, prompting speculation that the cafe was targeted with arson. The build is right on a busy...

Macedonia 28.07.20 | 10:53

Cair Mayor Ganiu says he will act against the unknown developer who defied his order

The Cair municipal authority is openly asking for bids for a construction company that will demolish the illegal built being erected on top of a burnt down cafe. Even for Cair standards, this illegal construction was seen as brazen and lawless, as it sits right on one of the busiest boulevards in downtown...

Macedonia 22.07.20 | 17:41

Workers still pouring concrete at the illegal build site over a burnt cafe in downtown Skopje

Construction workers were busy at the site of the new build in front of the Mavrovka shopping mall in downtown Skopje, which is being built on top of the terrace of a recently burnt down cafe. City authorities visited the site and ordered it to be torn down by Friday, but the workers were still pouring...

Macedonia 24.05.20 | 17:33

Pub operating in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet building was set on fire last night

The Opera Pub, a place that operates out of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet building and is popular with actors, was set on fire overnight. Security cameras caught a man dousing the exterior of pub with gasoline and then lighting it on fire. The heat was so strong it melted the windows on the pub. The...

Macedonia 10.05.20 | 21:10

VMRO-DPMNE proposes measures to help the hospitality industry

VMRO-DPMNE proposes allowing cafe and restaurant owners to use more of public spaces once they’re allowed to reopen. This should help them provide enough room for distancing, said VMRO official Vladimir Neloski. The hospitality industry has been devastated by the coronavirus lockdown, and Neloski...

Economy 25.04.20 | 10:46

Restaurants and cafes could be allowed to open, but only in the patio areas

Restaurants and coffee shops may be allowed to open but only using their outdoors areas, the plan for re-opening of the economy prepared by the Macedonian Government proposes. The hospitality industry is among the worst hit by the epidemic – cafes are closed and some restaurants allowed to operate...

Macedonia 02.03.20 | 14:34

Posh new Tribeca cafe pays only 365 EUR in rent to the city of Skopje

A fancy new cafe opened at the nursery in the Skopje park pays only 365 EUR per month in rent to the Skopje park authority. According to the contract the Tribeca cafe, named after the artistic district in New York, rents just 75 square meters and has a five year contract. But just a casual glance at...

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